Aspen Blaze

LB2.8 Aspn60093

This photograph was taken with a 50 mm Lensbaby lens added on to their Composer mount, essentially a tilt transformer. Using the f2.8 Aperture ring, which gets inserted manually, the lens provides a very narrow focal area in addition to its signature gestural blur. The Tilt Transformer enables the lens to selectively position the focal area anywhere within the viewed composition.

I really enjoy using the combo and its ability to surround a minutely focused area with such an abstract and dynamic blur. It photographically represents the experience of visually focusing on something to the exclusion of all else, and even sensing and “glimpsing” something intriguing or compelling peripherally, out of the corner of my eye. What’s more, I often shoot into tangles of branch or limbs, fascinated by the gestures, abstractions and textures, subjects lacking much depth and focal anchors, ones that are usually geared toward more graphic interpretation. Plus, I’ve always loved lost-and-found lines and elements in artwork.

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