Bicycle Bliss

This is the first image uploaded and posted to this blog. I chose it because it’s indicative of where I live, how I feel about living here, riding my bike and photographing the southwestern landscape.

Bike&CloudsFLT40218 1

The photo was processed about 10 days ago. It was taken “out back” on the 500+ acres of open space that borders our house, and done on the spur of the moment. After looking out my studio window and seeing those big fat, reach-out-and-touch-’em clouds I grabbed the Pany Lumix G1, hopped on the bike and experienced a most joyful ride and photo session.

Just before taking this shot I'd focused on photographing a scene in the opposite direction. When I turned around there was my bike, the juniper, the clouds and road ruts, all awaiting my attaching a wide-angle lens and positioning the G1 to capture the perfect composition and scene to express how I felt.

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