Colorado Plateau

This is the edge of the Colorado Plateau where it ends in Abiquiu, New Mexico. I took two vertical captures with the Panasonic G1’s Leica wide-angle lens and photo-stitched them to create a square format.

ColoradoPlateau468 1

The backlit theme, composition and handling of color space are similar to those of the oil landscapes I used to do. Atmospheric depth plays against color space that tends to bring the background up to the picture plane. This means the dark Prussian mesa and distant red cliffs come forward somewhat rather than atmospherically recede into the hazy distance, something that underscores the artwork’s essential flatness. It also emphasizes the scene’s being an artistic and graphic interpretation of the subject as opposed to the printed image trying to be a window onto the scene.

In addition to post-processing in Photoshop using the usual assortment of multiple layer masks, I’ve added three photo-filter color layers in select areas to enhance color and create somewhat of a luminous glow. Practically every layer was then digitally brushed to add or subtract the intended effect, very much like painting with glazes.

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