Dappled Light

I recently began to experiment with Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) which, to create an artistic image, is trickier than most people think. (Unless, of course, you get lucky.) 


It’s even more challenging when using a Black Glass filter to enable the shot to have a long exposure. And that’s what I usually use—it being a ND400 filter, literally an opaque molasses black glass. So it can be nearly impossible to see thru the lens when “composing” the shot to include choreographing its range of movement.

But when it works, as it does here, a somewhat pedestrian representational image can be transformed into an evocative and abstract work. There’s a sensuous textured depth to the picture plane surface, detail (smudging) akin to brushwork, a painterly blending of colors and light references in addition to unexpected placement of details, both lost and found.

Far more than luck, this image has also been extensively tweaked in Photoshop. It’s the combination of two captures. One ICM photo and the other a straight shot so I could selectively enhance the lost and found edges. It’s very much like painting, only using a digital stylus and drawing tablet.

Anyway, I hope others enjoy it nearly as much I did creating it. I have a feeling I’ll be doing a heck of a lot more ICM work.

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