Machu Picchu

Sun Ray on Wayna-Picchu

I took this photograph on Mother's Day, a day when all Peruvians can enter Machu Picchu for free. A day when thousands of tourists also flock there because May typically heralds the end of the rainy season. A day when, photographer friends told me, a sane person would not consider trying to get a decent shot there.  

Friends were right about the overwhelming hordes of visitors interfering with getting unpopulated images of the sacred site. But only for part of the day. As has happened, and often at significant times in my life, what may be the conventional experience, or truth, may not be so for me. 

So "it came to pass," as evident in the above photopgraph, that Sunday afternoon, the clouds parted and the crowds began to vanish. This image reminds me that regardless of what may be common experience and conventional wisdom, it is often best to follow my not-so-common sense anyway. 

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