Madrid Adobe

This was taken  on one of the hottest days this summer, chasing clouds. It was late afternoon, the broiling high of the day. I’d been hopping out of the car and hiking short distances, taking photographs in between wiping the sweat from my forehead and eyes and climb back into my oven-on-wheels. Running the air conditioner was useless, I wasn’t driving long or far enough to cool off the interior.

I was hoping to get a spectacular panoramic cloudscape, but wasn't findsing anything particularly memorable. Feeling overheated and deflated, I decided to head back home. I pulled into the dirt drive pictured here to turn the car around—saw the clouds, the adobe building, the chamisa and—eureka, found my subject. The juxtaposition of elements dangerously close to being out of balance, and the tension they create, fit perfectly how I was feeling and the experience of being under the influence of such an intense sun.

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