New Website, Old Blog


Welcome to my redesigned website!

I have included past blog entries as they might be of interest to new readers. And, on rare occasion, I may add new posts.

The above image was taken using a Double Optic Lensbaby lens with rotating-ball Composer  attachment. (The Composer enables the selective lens focal point to rotate and be placed almost anywhere in the image. In the process interesting and evocative aberrations, vignetting and effects can happen.)

 These photos, along with most of the new work, represent my return to an interest in experimenting with selective lens focus, off-center area focus and shallow depth-of-field. My intention being to better convey expressive and interpretive image qualities I want to emphasize. I've simultaneously begun to add warm Gradient Maps (color) to my photographs of the southwestern landscapes and human form.

In the above work a two-tone gradient was used with sepia in the light to mid-range values and a cool-black in the darker values., whereas the Home Page image uses a monotone Selenium value range.

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