Winter Salt Cedar

This photo was taken in the morning during the last week of 2011. Using the double-optic, wide-angle Lensbaby lens I was able to narrowly focus on select branches, as well as the sun highlights that enliven them, while blurring everything else.


 The effect dramatically enhances the image’s intimate feeling especially in that there are so many branches—and so much texture—in this cluster of cedars. Without such a limited depth-of-field and highly selective focus, the elements and feeling I wanted to convey would not have been realized.

In regard to this, and for comparative purposes, view Backlit Salt Cedar (above) that was photographed using the Lumix 7-11 wide-angle lens. (Or view larger versions of both in the B&W Portfolio.) It was taken of the same salt cedars, but in the Fall with all the feathery branch “leaves” in sharp focus, capturing different degrees of light. The strong lighting offers visual direction and “focus” on the main trunks while the all-over texture provides constant visual movement. To me the texture is graphically akin to the kind of surface tension and movement observed in action paintings.

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